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First, I want to thank you for making the commitment to make a change in your life. This could very well be one of the most important decisions in your life, and you have taken the first step. But, before we get started, I wanted to give you a quick overview of the program and what to expect.

The program will be broken down into various sections. In the first section, which is the first week or so, I am going to have you completing several questionnaires and doing other activities that will help us throughout this program. These are things such as our Reasons for Quitting card, the Marijuana Problem Scale and the Self-Efficacy questionnaire. If things seem a little slow for you during this week, please keep in mind that they have their purpose as you will see later on.

In the following section, we will begin to dive deeper into triggers and relapses and how to avoid them, as well learning more about our habits and how to create new ones. And then during the last half of the program, we are going to shift into more personal development strategies that you will take with you after this program ends.

The program will also include other activities than the daily videos. You will be receiving emails almost daily. You will be reading the book as well as participating on the forum to share your experience and to hear the experiences of other people.

Be ready for a little repetition too. We know for certain that marijuana has a huge impact on memory and the ability to retain information, so you are going to receive the same information in multiple different formats so that you can commit this to memory and start creating new habits.

Yes, this will take up some of your time and rightfully so. You should be totally committed to the work we are going to be together over the next 30 days.

30 days of commitment to change your life forever. That is what you’re going to need to be successful at this. I am not here to bullshit you into thinking that there is something magical about this program. There isn’t anything magical about any program because it is always going to be about the amount of work and dedication you have to make the change.

Throughout the program, I am going to be using the word smoking a lot. Although a lot of people vape or even use edibles (which is a lot less common for someone who uses it on a regular basis). So, don’t let this confuse you. When I say “smoking,” I am referring to all the methods we use to get high.

When I wrote the book, the most difficult part of the whole process was deciding where to place the chapters. There was no telling where someone could be in the process or what would apply to them the most. It is the same thing with this course. I just want to encourage you that within the next 30 days, we are going to cover everything you need. So please be patient and hang in there. If you are in need of a certain topic, please feel free to go to that chapter in the book or check out our resource section for any of the topics you are needing at the time.

So, the big question is, “How did we even get here in the first place?” The answer is that it wasn’t some overnight decision. It was a bunch of small errors in judgement; repeating poor decisions, duplicating tiny mistakes, constantly rationalizing little excuses or justifications, and then we find ourselves immersed in this problem that we, for many reasons, can’t control. And these small insignificant choices eventually compounded into very toxic results that eventually led to this problem.

So, once again, patience is going to be crucial in unwinding this relationship you have with marijuana. I will tell you that too many people give up too early which is why even some of the best programs, sadly, only have a 27% success rate. This should be an eye-opener that the habits that you have created around this will not go away overnight. Many of them have to be eliminated, and some replaced with more healthy habits. This obviously takes a lot of work and it takes time.

If you go to the gym, you shouldn’t expect to be in shape after three workouts, or if you start saving money today, you can’t expect to be a millionaire in a few weeks. These things compound over time and then we see the results of our behaviors. So, just like your bad habits compounded into what you are today, your good habits will form who you will become in the future. But too many people make a few changes, and because they don’t see the results right away, they slip back onto their old ways. So, please understand that two ingredients are needed for you to succeed through this. Patience and Consistency.

I know all of you have the same goal in mind, and that is to quit this habit. But simply having the goal is not really going to get you anywhere. A lot of people have goals, but as you know, most of them never even get close to achieving them. And don’t get me wrong. You need to have the goal. I set goals all of the time. That is why you are even here.

However, it is the systems and the strategies given to you in this program that it is going to allow you to achieve the goal of eliminating this habit. Goals are simply about the results you want to achieve. Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are about the processes that lead to the results.

So, it is absolutely necessary to do EVERYTHING I am going to ask you to do right, even if you don’t feel like it, even if you feel like it is a waste of time, or you think it is silly. You have to do these things. And as we go through this program, I will explain them in more detail and they will make more sense for you, but just know that I didn’t put these into the program just to fill up some space. They are extremely important to you succeeding and will lead you to creating a better life for yourself. You and I have already made an agreement at the beginning that you will follow the rules. Let’s not start our relationship by you doing anything halfway.

My contribution to you is to find some of the ideas that are most effective and push you to continue to take action and provide either motivation or encouragement when you are feeling weak or having a bad day. Much of what you will learn throughout this program is a compilation of many experts who have helped lay the foundation for the program, combined with my own personal experience of what it is like to be held in bondage by something so small and so insignificant, but yet that plays into almost every decision we make in life.

Before we get started, I want to share a couple of things with you.

First, I talk very fast, especially when I get excited or passionate about something. I have been accused of that my entire life, so I apologize in advance. However, we will include written material, subtitles, and you have the ability to rewind the message if you need further clarification on anything.

The second thing, and this is really important to understand, is that I am not going to make weed the culprit throughout this program as some people do, because it isn’t. We have to take personal responsibility and admit that we are the culprit. That we are the ones who ultimately mismanaged our habits until it began to interfere with our lives in some manner, and that is going to be different for each one of us. I will admit that when I wrote the first edition of the book, I felt that I needed to get angry at marijuana without realizing that it was clearly my behavior, and my decisions that were the issue. There will continue to be people who use it regularly and feel no need to quit, and these people shouldn’t be judged.

However, this isn’t about them. You know, whatever our reasons for wanting to go through this program are, it is a personal choice and it is because we noticed that weed isn’t not only serving us anymore, but it is taking away from something in our lives, so please keep that in mind in case you want to vilify cannabis as the sole cause of your problems. As you will see throughout this program, I am not anti-marijuana just like I am not anti-alcohol.

So, are you ready to get started? I know I am, and I look forward to seeing remove some of the obstacles from your life, and ultimately who you become as a result of the decisions you are making right now. See you on the other side.

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