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Ok, I think that’s enough for today. Over the next few days we are going to focus on getting an idea about your smoking habits, establish your reasons for quitting, and begin to develop a few strategies to help you when those dreaded cravings begin to surface their ugly heads.

For now, I want you to be proud of yourself for making the commitment today to begin a new life; a life as it was meant to be lived with a clear head, and with the ability to be the person you were destined to be.

P.S. Don’t forget to use the forum. It provides a support system that will be difficult to match. Not only will you be guided and helped by our awesome support team of Secret Helpers, you will also be able to speak to people going through the exact same thing you are going through.

You can choose not to use the forum, but remember our commitment to one another? I know what I am doing and have succeeded at kicking this habit. I would love for you to follow in my footsteps.

This concludes day one of the CAARE Program. If you’d like to purchase the full course, click here.